Blue Lacy is a strategic consulting firm helping companies minimize risk when it comes to energy spend and commodities.

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Your Safeguard For Success!

Blue Lacy provides an expert commercial view of risk to its clients so they can make better decisions and execute with confidence.

Managing Risk

We build risk management strategies on deep market understanding tailored to our clients’ specific industries, geographies, and commodities.


We meticulously track the market and publish our insights so you know what impacts your business.


We design and perform analysis that tests our insights as they relate to your business.


We create a bespoke approach to your business's specific needs and tie our services directly to your situation for success.

Giving You Confidence to
Execute Your Strategy

We simplify strategic planning for clients, enhancing success probability and providing clear, tangible action plans to reach your goals.

Risk Management Advisory

Companies choose Blue Lacy for risk management, relying on us to assess volatile energy prices, design risk mitigation strategies, and support ongoing execution. Learn more.

Legal & Regulatory Support

Blue Lacy offers objective commercial expertise for legal and regulatory needs, including expert witness services, litigation support, and assistance with regulatory actions/reviews. Learn more.

Market Analysis

Blue Lacy’s analysis adapts traditional fundamental analysis to address the industries, geographies, and commodities in which our clients operate. Learn more.


Explore Blue Lacy’s informative products on our Substack for commodity market
insights or enroll in tailored training to enhance your team’s capabilities. Learn more.

Higher Level Thinking: Putting the Pieces Together


We begin by identifying your company’s strategic objectives and quantifying the risks contained in them.


We then determine how each point of success will be measured to ensure we are reaching goals and expectations.


Once we understand how risk management will complement your strategic goals, we work with you and your company to verify each step is carried out in an efficient yet thoughtful operation.

Blue Lacy

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